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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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implementing it citywide, he will start with east oakland and divide east oakland into two districts and assign a police captain to each district. >> we strengthen our relationships with the community. we build trust and we hold the captains and the command officers responsible for knowing about and addressing crime. >> reporter: they are hire more civilians to help free up officers from desk duty to get most of the 616 oakland police officers on the streets. bill bratton will start early next year. the chief will not say exactly when. also, bill bratton is not the federal compliance director. you will remember a judge ordered oakland to have a compliance director. this is unrelated to that. live here in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> thank you. an 11-year-old daly city
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boy is dead after a police chase in pasadena. joe vazquez on the accident and neighbors who are devastated by the news. joe. >> reporter: the victim, allen, is 11-year-old kendrick ing here with his family on 89th street in daly city. they are presumed still to be in southern california dealing with the aftermath of this horrible crash. the family was in southern california in pasadena on christmas day visiting relatives. as they were riding in a minivan police were chasing a suspect in an suv through the streets. the chase went a mile and less than a minute then the suspect vehicle failed to stop for a red light and smashed into the minivan. two cousins were killed including an 11-year-old in daly city. three others were badly hurt. [ crying ] >> the dad and the boy always traveled together and see them
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together all the time. the father was always the one taking them to school... [ crying ] >> i would see them back and forth coming from sports and... [ crying ] >> reporter: kendrick's neighbor rita is heartbroken at the news. she identified him from this facebook picture. she says the boy was always involved with sports and school and his father was devoted to his children. >> i feel for them. the dad was really nice. so dedicated to his family. you could see that they loved each other a lot. [ crying ] >> reporter: kendrick's parents were also hurt in the crash as was one other 16-year-old girl. it is not clear yet whether that victim is kendrick's sister. police haven't released her name yet. as for the suspect vehicle, police say the four people inside have now been charged with murder. police believe a gun was thrown out of the suspect vehicle during the chase and they are trying to find that gun to see
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if it matches the murder -- a previous murder that is the murder of a man who is a sheriff's department employee who was shot to death on christmas morning. in daly city, reporting live, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> thank you. we have some new video tonight of an armed robbery at a 7-eleven in fairfield. police say two men pulled out a handgun sunday when the store clerk opened the register. it's unclear how much money they got. but police responded to another robbery at a nearby gas station just minutes after that one at 7-eleven. they think the same men were responsible for both crimes. a 911 call from a screaming woman ends with police opening fire and a man dead. it happened at the diablo point apartments in walnut creek today. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran with what happened. >> nothing goes on here so it's a super quiet community. this is shocking. >> reporter: one suspect dead, walnut creek's first homicide of the year, and the first
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officer involved shooting in almost five years. >> it's a little unnerving because, you know, you wake up and find out there was a shooting outside your house and i didn't hear it. >> reporter: it happened on creekside near las lomas high school an area deemed safe by those who live here. >> this is really a safe neighborhood. i feel comfortable walking and, you know, my girlfriend walks the dog at night and so hopefully that won't change anything now. >> reporter: police said they got a disturbing phone call from a woman in the early- morning hours. >> we received a call from transfer at the fire department at approximately 3:15 a.m. there was screaming in the background. officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes. >> reporter: once they got to the apartment the struggle started. police say multiple officers went into the complex and were confronted by an armed man. they wouldn't say what weapon he had. >> unfortunately, they were forced to shoot that individual and he died at the scene.
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>> reporter: investigators including the contra costa county crime lab scoured the scene looking for evidence. police say they are not looking for other suspects and no one else was hurt in the shooting. both walnut creek police station and contra costa county d.a. will be taking over this investigation. in walnut creek, cate caugiran, cbs 5. other bay area headlines a portion of a cliff collapsed at baker beach in san francisco this morning. one of the trails there is now closed. the collapse they say could be the result of all the rain we have had in the past couple of weeks. in the east bay people who evacuated after a gas leak in brentwood are back in their homes tonight. neighbors on allbrook drive started smelling the gas last night. pg&e found the source of the leak this morning and fixed it. in the south bay police say one man was shot after gang members in south san jose got into an argument last night. apparently the gunman got away. the victim is expected to survive. since san jose is dealing with more crime and fewer
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officers, cbs 5 reporter mark sayre shows us one group is going the extra mile to take back the neighborhood. >> reporter: police say the neighborhood patrols provide an extra set of eyes and ears in these tight budgets but in one san jose neighborhood residents are literally taking it to the streets. >> it's just something that doesn't look right. >> reporter: with a rising number of property crimes and a decreasing number of police officers, bud pyle decided to take action. >> but the number one thing we're looking for is somebody sitting in a car for a few minutes looking around or leaning on a car. >> reporter: pyle and several other volunteers from the eden neighborhood association are taking the concept of the neighborhood watch to a whole new level. >> i said, we're going to do it and starting tomorrow we're going to drive the neighborhood and every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and we got volunteers to do it. >> reporter: pyle and his team members are focusing their driving patrols during the day because that's when home burglaries are occurring when many people are away at work and school. >> we're very well armed.
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we have a pad and pencil. we have a camera. and we have a cell phone. and if we see anything that we want acted on, we'll call the police 911. >> reporter: as san jose operates with fewer officers, spokesman jason dwyer says response times to property crimes have been going up. >> we understand we're still on the hook for responding to property crimes, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts. at the same time, the number one priority is to reduce violent crime. >> reporter: police say they are happy to see citizens going the extra mile but only to a point. >> don' intervene. that's our true message. we want you to become involved. there's nothing wrong with driving around reporting suspicious activity but don't take on someone who is possibly armed because that could end violently. >> reporter: suzie walks her dog almost every day and has noticed the new patrols out on the streets. >> i think we have to be as neighbors to watch out for each other. keep an eye because there is not enough police so i think it is important. >> reporter: so is it working? well, those neighborhood volunteers said there have not been any home burglaries in
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their community since they started these patrols but at this point they are not ready to claim success. they say they want a little more time to go by. they think they're making a difference in being a deterrent. >> thank you. it's something i have never come across in 22 years. >> the decomposed body of a father found two years after his death. how police say his son made money by keeping it a secret. >> struggling libraries see a positive new chapter on the horizon. how someone else's tough times could provide a chance to turn the page. >> it is high and dry out there. we have mostly clear skies, excellent opportunity to see the last full moon of 2012. a beautiful sight it's make there is over the bay bridge. we'll have that and the forecast, going to get wet, after a bit of a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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say it was all a plot - to some money. ad been dead for she's like wow, she could smell it from that far off. >> first a smell then a body now police say it was a plot to make money because that man had been dead for a long time. neighbors in vallejo noticed the foul smell coming from a home on warren avenue. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers tells us police say they also uncovered a plot to cash in on his death. >> reporter: people in this vallejo neighborhood first noticed it coming from the backyard of this home on warren avenue. >> my sister had walked over there and got about to where the red car is. and she is like, wow. i mean, she could smell it from that far off. >> reporter: a smell so gruesome, it could have only been one thing. >> a body. >> reporter: the badly decomposed body of 56-year-old richard romer. >> well, that's something that i have never come across in 22
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years. >> reporter: romer, a drifter, had been dead for two years. authorities say his son, 22- year-old joseph, never told anyone. instead he allegedly hid the body in a large box he had been carrying around and stashed it here in a relative's backyard. >> i can't believe somebody would even think about doing that. >> reporter: even worse, authorities say joseph romer and his girlfriend began collecting the dead man's money. thousands of dollars in pension checks over two years. relatives at the home did not want to speak. authorities say they didn't into that richard romer had died and only realized there was a body in their yard when it began to smell. now romer and his girlfriend are behind bars facing charges for theft and elder abuse. christin ayers, cbs 5. >> the two suspects haven't been charged in richard romer's death because it's still unclear how the man died. new at 6:00 from big ones
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like borders to small ones like stacey, the last few chapters have been brutal for bookstores but in this dark evolving narrative there may be opportunity. as cbs reporter mike sugerman explains, long-struggling libraries see a chance to turn the page. >> reporter: shelve this with the nonfiction the story of the scrappy hero who hang in there after being down for the count. check it out. shhh! not that it's a secret but libraries are making a comeback in a big way. >> anytime there's an economic downturn you see a resurgence in library use. >> reporter: that's the story here. san francisco libraries, for instance, seeing 40,000 new card carrying members last year. that's up 10%. while bookstores are dying, libraries are flourishing. and changing. >> it's not the grandmother's library. >> reporter: luis of san francisco librarian, american librarian of the year as a matter of fact, ebooks now make up 5% of circulation. you can borrow them for a couple of weeks, then they just disappear from your screen.
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or go old school. there's a typewriter room if you have to fill out a form or for whatever reason you might need a machine that visitors may never have seen b you might see young people like this out of the cold kanoodling on the rug. >> there are homeless people in the city. >> reporter: the library is open to anyone. [ yelling ] >> not touching you! >> you wrong! you should have took me in a room. >> reporter: the pages. big city play out here and can turn quickly. this library has its own city social worker here full time. >> and it's been a real success. as a matter of fact, it's been a model nationwide in how to work with another agency to provide a service that is needed. >> reporter: but, of course, the main service here is providing books. >> one book a week. that's like four a month. so i save thousands of dollars a year. >> reporter: even if she could find a bookstore where she
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could spend her money. mike sugerman, cbs 5. brian hackney in and are you writing a new weather chapter? > i am. let's turn the page to another forecast that's playing the sequel to the rain that we had from last week. we are not going to get much the looks like it will get wet about 24 hours from now last through midday saturday and that's about it. right now the doppler is showing not a drop but as we go outside you get a better view of that full moon. your calendar probably shows the full moon as being on the 28th but in fact we're closer to full now than we will be tomorrow night. it's 2:21 a.m. pacific time tomorrow morning full moon. that's gorgeous by the bay bridge and just above the moon is the planet jupiter. and a lot to see in the nighttime sky. surf is up to 20 feet so watch yourself through 10:00 tomorrow night. right now, concord 47. sfo 51.
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clear and cold tonight, showers late friday. it will clear saturday afternoon. low pressure is over the aleutians and sending energy our way so we'll increase high clouds tonight. rain tonight and in the rest of the bay area tomorrow night. patchy fog around tonight, 40s, chilly, overnight lows ranging from 35 degrees redwood city to 46 to pacifica 44 san francisco. for tomorrow, we won't do any better than mid-50s. 52 in the city. and partly cloudy skies in the offing for new year's eve but it does look dry. the extended forecast after this shot of showers coming in tomorrow night and lasting through midday saturday we will go dry all next week. looks like we'll get partly cloudy skies so i think that even though we always need the rain, let's just back often for a while, and we will. so that doesn't look so bad at all. we'll update it for you in about 20 minutes. guys? >> all right.
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thank you. well, we caught them lying to us customers and writing bad checks. the national fallout following our undercover investigation into one of the nation's largest gold buyers. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their gold. earlier this year, we revead buyers for one of the natio t gold buying comp it is seller beware for consumers trying to get cash for gold. earlier this year we revealed buyers for one of the nation's largest gold buying companies were lying to customers and bouncing checks. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts has new information on the undercover investigation. >> reporter: following our report, ch r and associates shut down prompting former employees to come forward and come clean. tonight they warn wyoming chr is no longer a threat, many gold buyers use similar tactics.
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>> basically the old gold or silver we say bring it in. >> reporter: one morning he was a guest on a tv show. >> we can get you a check on the spot. >> reporter: the next the checks bounced and this traveling gold buyer was wanted by police. >> it was embarrassing. >> reporter: every. >> reporter: he said the company he worked for didn't tell him the checks were bad until it was too late and he is not alone. >> i feel sick. i have wrote checks for two days, i said, do you realize that that is fraud? >> reporter: like birdsall, she resigned after discovering she had been writing bad checks. they are just two of the dozens of thr employees across the country who came forward to reveal what they say was a culture of deception within one of the nation's largest gold buying operations. many former employees attribute the bounced checks to ceo jeffrey parsons and what they call an extravagant lifestyle. while partnership sons did not respond to a request for comment, he owes the irs millions and says he used the
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company bank account as his personal account and bought luxury homes and even a jet paid for in part with silver purchase at thr shows where customers complained they lied about the quality of their gold. we compiled $8,000 worth of gold for our initial investigation. three separate jewelers confirmed its value before we brought it to a thr show. 13 of the 15 pieces were 18- karat but after examining each item the road show manager said -- >> i have 10 and 14-karat here. believe it or not, half what you have on the table here is copper. >> reporter: maybe he missed the 18-karat stamp and that acid test was wrong. so we sent our gold to cbs stations across the country asking teams in five states to go undercover, as well. in two they got it right. but. >> so all these are 14-karat? >> reporter: at two other shows including this one in dallas,
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cbs producers were told 18- karat pieces were only 14- karat. and three out of the five initial offers we received were less than a quarter of gold's actual value. >> i think a lot of managers did think it was okay to lie. >> reporter: she said she felt pressured to take advantage of customers. the thr buying guide instructed employees to offer less than 10% of the gold's value and those who bought too high were laid off. back this may we questioned the spokesman about the practice. where you aren't lying you're certainly low balling. >> it's not illegal and so, you know, do some of our managers maybe feel guilty? you know, i'm sure they do. >> i was always feeling guilty. >> reporter: which is why she is coming forward now. she points out in spite of pressure from the company many buyers were honest. and while low balling is legal, lying about the qualityof the gold is not. >> there were issues with checks. >> reporter: then the bad checks. the company took in more than
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$200 million last year, yet bounced checks worth more than $1.7 million during april of this year alone. >> it's an unfortunate situation to be honest. >> reporter: in may, thr promised to reimburse every customer but many remain outstanding and the company continued to write more bad checks and even bounced a check to the irs. thr of blame the bank for closing its account without warning but even the company spokesman didn't deny the bounced checks could be due to parsons' spending. do you think the bank unexpectedly closing your account has anything to do with mr. parsons using company funds for extravagant personal spending? >> uhm, i don't know. it's a great question. i don't know. >> reporter: shortly after our story aired, enright resigned and most employees quit but not before parsons ordered the employees to send him all the gold despite the gold being
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required to stay in state with a 30-day hold. >> he goes without a 30-day hold, and you're asking me to break the law, he says yes. >> i'm done doing that man's dirty work. >> reporter: following our investigation, the fbi along with various state and local authorities launched their own investigation. parsons has filed bankruptcy listing companies operating under 17 different names. court documents show he could owe as much as $500 million. although it is unlikely that those victims will be repaid. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the potential roadblock for some families hoping to adopt. orphans in one country will be off limits for adoption in the u.s. how critics say those children are victimized to make a political point. >> it is the busiest week of the season in the sierra but after two deadly avalanches this week, what's being done to keep steers safe. >> a tour of a piece of bay area property you could own if you have at least $25 million. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald now at 6:30, adoptions of
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some children abroad could come to a halt. the upper chamber of russia's parliament has voted in favor of a measure that bans u.s. citizens from adopting russian children. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee telling us the real losers could be the orphans trapped in the international tug of war. >> reporter: that's right. you know, russia's president said today he intends to sign the ban that could stop americans from adopting russian children. that could really affect familiesare either hoping to adopt or actually in the process of adopting children. and for some parents who have already been paired with a child, adoption advocates say it would be like losing a member of their own family. >> open it... our children are very much so excited to having a baby brother. we set up his room together. >> reporter: the fong family spent the holidays with their two biological children nathan and cameron. and their adopted daughter eliana. they shot video when they brought her home from siberia two years ago and they were hoping for another addition to
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their family from russia in the coming year. >> and this is the crib set up for our son. >> reporter: the fong family is one of hundreds caught in an international political showdown. president vladimir putin was defiant today saying that he plans to sign the ban on adoptions to the u.s. the country's legislative branch had just passed the bill unanimously. this was russia's response to president obama's anticorruption law. it denies russian officials from getting u.s. visas if they were associated with human rights violations. >> it's very tragic that these children are potentially going to fall victim to really just senseless politics. >> reporter: lauren koch with the national council for adoptions says with 700,000 russian orphans, the children are the ones caught in the political web. >> most of them have been matched with children. they consider these children part of their families already. they have introduced, you
6:30 pm
know, them via pictures and other methods to their siblings here in the united states. and it's really heartbreaking. >> bring it over here so we can see it. >> reporter: a heartbreak that could become a reality for the fong family who can do nothing but wait, watch and hope. >> we're the fong family. we want to provide a home to just at least one boy from russia and, you know, we have a home, we have a lovely family. we're hoping that all this can move forward and this will be the last christmas he's alone. >> reporter: clearly a very emotional issue for a lot of families. and in reference to this back, the u.s. state department spokesman released a statement saying, quote, it is misguided to link the fate of children to unrelated political considerations and said that 60,000 children have been adopted from russia in the u.s. in the past 20 years and if this ban lasts, if it gets signed in, this could affect thousands in the future and allen the advocate we talked to
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today said, you know, these children will be in orphanages in russia. very sad. >> tens of thousands of children in the future. thank you. president obama set to meet with congressional leaders tomorrow to address the "fiscal cliff" crisis. it's coming down to the wire only five days until we tumble over that cliff. as cbs reporter danielle nottingham says progress is slow. president obama cut short his holiday vacation and returned to the white house to work on a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff." before flying home from hawaii, the president called congressional leaders nancy pelosi, john boehner, mitch mcconnell and harry reid to reach agreements before tax hikes and spending cuts kick in january 1. >> we have been asking the president and the democrats to work with us on a bipartisan agreement for months. >> i don't know time wise how it can happen now. >> reporter: the senate majority leader wants house republicans to return from their vacations to approve a democratic senate plan that extends tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year.
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>> that's the only option that is viable escape route. >> reporter: but republican leaders say it's up to democrats who control the senate and white house to avert the "fiscal cliff." >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: house members will return to capitol hill on sunday and could begin voting that night. they would have about 24 hours to approve a deal. adding to the urgency, treasury secretary timothy geithner warned congress that the nation's debt limit will be reached by december 31st and extraordinary measures would have to be taken to avoid default on the government's loans. danielle nottingham, cbs 5, washington. just hours ago hawaii's
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lieutenant governor became the country's newest senator. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> 40-year-old brian schatz takes the place of long-time senator daniel inouye. inouye died just last week. schatz traveled from hawaii to washington aboard air force one with president obama last night. former president george h.w. bush remains in intensive care tonight. a family spokesman says the 88- year-old is alert, in guarded condition and doing better since a cough sent him to the hospital. doctors are cautiously optimistic about his treatment. the storm that hit 30 states this week is finally on its way out of the country. it's all part of the same storm system that spawned dozens of tornadoes. at least 15 people died and thousands lost power. the bad weather continues to delay flights in the northeast. >> only a 45-minute delay, fingers crossed it will stay that i way. >> get us to the airport on
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time hopefully. >> that storm is now moving through new england and into canada. forecasters say more snow could hit the east coast this weekend. with all the snow falling in the sierra, avalanche concerns on the minds of many especially after two people died at resorts this week. cbs reporter neda iranpour is asking what can be done to keep skiers safe. >> reporter: it's one of the snowiest decembers here at northstar during one of the busiest weeks. >> i love snow. it's really cool because it's all fluffy and soft. >> the conditions are amazing. had a lot of new snow. >> reporter: but the potential for avalanchees goes up as the snowpack does. >> in >> reporter: two avalanches on christmas eve killed two people at tahoe area ski resorts. a ski patroller is up before the sun trying to create safe zones. here's video from heavenly mountain resort. they use explosives to blast the unstable snow at the mountaintops. it controls pro-active
6:35 pm
avalanche to settle snow for skiers. >> if we don't control, then the avalanches are going to get worse. they get bigger and more destructive. >> reporter: it's the same technique that took a ski patroller's life this week. controlled blasts are the key to safety am you can see avalanches coming down by waves. anything in the way goes joined ski with a buddy and with visual contact. have a plan and meeting spot. >> reporter: a life-saving tool is a rescue beacon so this is in transmitting mode and if i got stuck in an avalanche vince would be able to turn his on and find me. the closer he gets to a victim, the faster the beacon beeps. if there's no beacon the next way to search is by probes a long tedious and often deadly process of poking and prodding every foot of snow. >> you just go shoulder to shoulder and probe left center and right. >> reporter: for most skiers and borders this sure is tahoe at its finers. >> to have this much snow and this much terrain open is exactly what we want this time of year. >> reporter: it provides a rush
6:36 pm
and breathtaking views when you do it right. in truckee, i'm neda iranpour for cbs 5. free rides on the bay area transit system. why you won't have to pay to hop on muni tomorrow. >> starting price, $25 million. the tour of a bay area villa on the auction block. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the transit agency is celebrating 100 years by offering tomorrow san francisco muni is throwing a birthday party. and you are invited. the transit agency is celebrating 100 years by offering free rides all day on all vehicles. the free ride lasts through 5 a.m. on saturday but beware, muni is running on a holiday schedule all this week. so your freebie options are a bit more limited than a normal
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friday. you see that hgtv show flip it? this isn't that. a waterfront villa in belvidere will be auction the off sunday on the southwest tip of the island with stunning views of san francisco. cbs 5 reporter don ford takes us inside the luxury estate and shows us what it takes to be its very first owner. >> reporter: it's one of the finest homes in the country. quite possibly one of the finest view homes in the world. this sunday it will be sold at auction. meet the realtor to the stars. if you have the money then you're a star. >> it's the largest home in belvidere. it's a virgin home. no one has lived here yet. >> reporter: incredible world class views from every room. the deck alone is over 5,000 square feet. the master suite on the third floor opens out to the golden gate bridge. the entire city looks close enough to touch. and, of course, there's a home theater, wine cellar and private pool complete with art.
6:40 pm
the wildlife flies and swims just yards away, and this beauty has brains, too. half dozen wall mounted ipads control lights, temperatures and, yes, security cameras. but there's one big question. there's a saying if you have to ask how much it costs you can't afford it. clearly i can't afford it so i'm asking. guy is a luxury home auction consultant working with olivia. >> it's open to registered bidders only and in order to be a registered bidder you need a $300,000 cashiers check. >> reporter: that just gets you in the door to bid. the starting bid will be $25 million but it's believed the price will top $45 million. in belvidere, don ford, cbs 5. and open it up and i saw sue bunker's name and right away, i thought, a card from an
6:41 pm
angel. >> lost and found. a thrift store discovery connected friends who were lost and found a new friend along the way. >> looking forward to that. you be looking forward to the forecast. we had a beautiful day, a chilly night in the offing. look at the bay bridge and the city in the background. isn't that beautiful? rain is on the way for the bay area within 36 hours, details after a break. ahead bowl game for a bay area football team and 49er cocaptain defensive tackle justin injured left arm? we know his status. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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preparations are underway f the ne at here is a sure sign the new year is right around the corner. preparations under way for the big new year's eve ball drop at times square in new york city. today workers installed waterford crystal triangles on the ceremonial ball. more than a billion people across the world expected to watch the ball drop on tv. for the cost of a postage stamp a group of bay area women received a priceless gift. cbs 5 reporter juliette
6:45 pm
goodrich explains how it all started with a discovery in the thrift store. >> these five cards must have somehow gotten mixed in. >> reporter: pam rousseau was at a thrift store in hayward when she found five cards sealed with handwritten addresses but no stamp. they were tucked away on a lower back shelf. >> the handwriting was scribbly and i wasn't sure if it might be an elderly person or... >> reporter: so she put stamps on them with a note attached explaining who she was and where she had found the letters. this card that pam put a stamp on made its way to the home in alameda. only as we find out, this card was supposed to have been sent five years ago to mary ann. >> and i opened it up and saw sue bunker's name and right away, i hit that, a card from an angel. >> reporter: you see, sue bunker passed away two years ago from pancreatic cancer.
6:46 pm
and these three women were her closest friends. all three received the card five years later thanks to pam. another card reads. >> may 2007 be full of good health, great travels and an occasional ice cream social. it's nice to know we're still in touch. [ laughter ] >> reporter: without the others knowing, they each sent a thank you note to pam for take your the time mail the cards. they also shared glowing thoughts about their dear friend. >> i was so touched by the whole thoughtful gesture that she had done that i had to just sit down and send her a message. >> dear pam, your thoughtfulness in choosing to mail those envelopes touches my soul. >> reporter: everyone so touched by the journey of the holiday cards decided to meet one another and toast to their dear friend sue and to their new friend pam. >> everybody just thought it was an amazing christmas story. >> and all of them certain sue
6:47 pm
was toasting right along with them and smiling. in alameda, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. a random act of kindness means so much. brian hackney, it means so much you're here! >> i'm absolutely, yes, well, it's good to be here, believe me. [ laughter ] >> especially because we have more weather to talk about believe it or not. we don't like to hear this four- letter word i think at this point but there is rain on the way for parts of the bay area. it won't begin until probably after sunset tomorrow. we'll set it all out first the numbers around the bay area. 47 in concord as we look at the slow traffic on the golden gate bridge heading into the city. 47 at livermore at sfo 51 and santa rosa 45. santa rosa will get down to about freezing tonight. we have high surf advisories posted through 10:00 saturday night for the entire central coast. the surf on top of a 10 to 14- foot swell could be as high as 20 feet. 20-foot breakers along the show so be careful at the coast. high pressure in command of the pacific and as long as that's there, we'll stave off the lane but the clouds will increase in that low that's out here
6:48 pm
tomorrow. we'll see the futurecast in a minute. we'll increase over the bay area until we get a few showers. fairly clear now but look at the time lapse. overnight high clouds overspread, the cold front is still offshore by this time tomorrow night but not by much. so friday by 6 p.m. showers will spread into the bay area after dark tomorrow night last until midday saturday. not a big deal. it looks as if the totals of this around half inch of rain on average. pinpoint forecast looking for 49 at eureka tomorrow with showers, 55 monterey with partly cloudy skies. tonight santa rosa at freezing so is fairfield, livermore below freezing, so it's going to be chilly tonight. about 44 in the city. 38 down at redwood city. forecast highs tomorrow no better than mid-50s. 55 santa clara and milpitas and 50s in the east bay. up into the north bay the same 52 santa rosa, 54 sausalito. extended forecast after the chance of rain saturday, we are going to be leaving it all
6:49 pm
behind for the rest of the week for new years and beyond and time for the snow report. sugar bowl looks good with 4" of new snow and snow in the offing for saturday. there's your snow report. we have sports next. ,,
6:50 pm
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at all the rest of the way? today, it was confirmed smi has a partially torn left ep... ... he sustain nfl 49er issue. is justin smith going to play? today it's confirmed he is a torn left triceps. he got it two weeks ago against the patriots and since then has been a tough cheerleader on the sideline. he has a bone spur in his left elbow, also. his availability for the play- offs remains uncertain. just a body blow to the defense since his departure, they have given up 73 points in the last 6 quarters. >> you can't put into words know what he means to this
6:53 pm
defense. >> pressure, hit, sacked! justin smith gets him. >> he is one of the guys that i look up to in this league. i have always been a big fan of guys who go out there and give it their all and you can see they are just not talk but you can see it from them and justin has been that from day one of the he stepped in and all the way up until, you know, he even tried to come back in and play. so hopefully, we're able to get him back in the play-offs. got the ballgames for you. san jose state, wow! from a 1-11 a couple seasons ago to a 11-win team, nice military bowl performance in front of the new boss, coach ron caragher. he will take over after this game against bowling green in red. spartan quarterback david fales his kyle nunn. spartans up 10-6. fales hits. fumbles. bowling green's chris jones returns it, near the 10-yard
6:54 pm
line. i love it when the big fellas rumble. on the very next play, it's an ton samuels who punched it n bowling green took the lead 13- 10. but as is often said, time to make a play! spartans special teams punt to the end zone for a safety. it's a one-point bowling green lead. david fales a simple pass but watch the run after catch by chandler jones. whoo! excuse me. spartans in front by 6! 4th quarter, bowling green got a score from john pettigrew. falcons back up by one but too much time left. 10.5 in the game. it was the spartans' day here in washington, d.c. leon short range and that's it. first 11-win season since 1940. san jose state wins final of 29- 20. basketball, the warriors
6:55 pm
are off. they will run with philadelphia on friday. on saturday, tara vanderveer's stanford women will host number 2 connecticut. last time here at maple pavilion stanford ended the russ huskies' win streak. always a tense matchup. this is the fourth time in the last five seasons the two have met in a one versus two showdown. >> just remembering two years ago and what we did, you know, how it really was a group effort. it motivates us and helps us lead the pack. >> the most exciting thing for me is we are back to our comfort zone at maples. that's exciting. we have gone to gonzaga, tennessee, it's a relief to be home at maples. >> 1:00 start. after posting a 14-14 record, the brooklyn nets said
6:56 pm
enough and fired head coach avery johnson. they once had 11-4 start but then struggled going 3-10 so they made a move on the one times warrior guard. p.j. carlisemo is the interim head coach. >> a little warrior ties all over the country firings, hirings. the warriors are making noise. >> hopefully them at home. >> we'll see. >> they are playing the next game at home against philly. >> yes. >> good deal. all right. well, for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on >> our next newscast at 10:00 on the cw 44/cable 12 and we're back here at 11. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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